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A quite staggering #throwbackthursday, in the form of A Penguin A Week blogger Karyn’s shelves. Now that’s a #shelfie.

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Battle by Moonlight by Soap-Committee


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naomi campbell @ dior haute couture f/w 2005

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"This was shot on Robert Plant’s 300 acre estate on the isolated west coast of Wales. He did not want the exact location disclosed. It was hilly, thick woods and steep ravines. It poured with rain most of the time we were there. Robert told me he gets much of his inspiration for writing from walking in the woods. "This place is an undistorted mirror to me." - Terry Spencer, Photographer

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GUYS HE’S SO FUCKING CUTE OH MY GOD I gotta stop lurking and just sit here and weep softly because he’s just so damn lovely.

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Crush is intensifying pls send help

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My kinda mood

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